"The Gardener does not create the garden; the garden creates the gardener."
Alan Chadwick, Gardening Proponent and Founder of UCSC AlanChadwick Garden

By encouraging and supporting "Opening Minds through Gardening," we provide children the opportunity to expand their minds and grow into happy, healthy and well-grounded citizens.

Gardening offers versatile, dynamic, and cost-effective experiences, which can be indoors, outdoors, a school garden, or a community garden. All of these qualities create a setting for every child to live, learn, and grow.

Gardening opens our minds by creating a "school in every garden," one that integrates every basic learning discipline, including science, reading, math, language arts, nutrition, and the environment.

Gardening opens our minds by providing hands-on, active learning centers in which to create ideas, plan, observe, tend, explore and just explore.

Gardening opens our minds by allowing us to experience the miracles of life in which everyone can enjoy the magic and be a kid again!

At Grandpa Gardener, we support "Opening Minds through Gardening." Our vision is to encourage and sustain garden-based learning opportunities through resource and product development, public awareness, and advocacy. When you open your mind, you open your heart and realize there is nothing more important than teaching our children and watching them grow!